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AG Eric Holder: "Gunwalking is wrong"


The latest on the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Agency’s Project Gunrunner.  Not good news for the ATF brass.  Sipsey Street Irregulars report the latest:

LA Times: “Mexico lawmakers demand answers about guns smuggled under ATF’s watch.”

Something tells me that DOJ is going to need more patsies than just Gillette to throw under the bus on this one, and “Gunwalker Bill” seems made to order. He is, after all, the next one up the food chain. Bill, you’re on my email list, are you ready to roll yet? I have Senator Grassley’s number if you need it.

¡Ay, caramba! “Gunwalker Bill” declared Persona Non Grata in Mexico? Even so, they want his ass extradited! Mexico to recall ambassador?

Hear that cat-like screeching? That’s Hillary.

Holy crap. I really did facilitate an international incident.

Just how many cases has “Gunwalker Bill” Newell been sitting on all these years? A ten out of ten on the hypocrisy scale of the No-Shit-O-Meter.

“The results speak for themselves,” sez “Gunwalker Bill” Newell as he rounds up some more folks he’s been patiently watch smuggle guns into Mexico for the past year.

“The results speak for themselves.”

Well, that’s a ten out of ten on the hypocrisy scale of the No-Shit-O-Meter. Just ask the ghost of Brian Terry. I’d like to know: how DOESthis slimy sonofabitch sleep at night?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have our first ATF headquarters nominee for the guy most likely to be thrown under the bus to cover for his bosses.

George Gillette, being the lowest man on the Project Gunwalker totem pole, suspected something unusual when four men in sunglasses and black suits picked him up by his arms and legs and one of them said, “Lanny sent us.”

Holder asked about Gunwalker under oath. Watch the weasel wording.

At a hearing today, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison asked Holder to comment on the case. Holder emphasized “The mission of ATF.. is to stop the flow of guns. That is the focus of ATF and why they are bravely working in Mexico and in this country.”

Radio host Laura Ingraham is on the case…


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