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Glenn Beck is asking his listeners and viewers to organize and participate in a “flash mob” event on April 21st in your local community.

Glenn issued a challenge on TV to people to be a force for good, and called for flash mobs of kindness across the country on Thursday, April 21st. Glenn suggested, as a group, giving canned goods to people in need. He said you should focus on places like food lines and unemployment offices. Glenn said you should give to them, encourage them and let them know it will get better, and leave. However, you can organize something different if you want, just be a force for good.  Click here to join a Glenn Beck meetup group in your area to help organize a flash mob of kindness.

Locally, Jim C. of Satellite Beach has jumped into the breach.  You can contact him by leaving a comment at this post or at my Facebook page.  I’ll be sure he gets them.

I am organizing a local Flash Mob for Melbourne, Merritt Island and Beachside areas. The Flash Mob Project is an organization collecting non perishable items to distribute on April 21 to “individuals” at our “local” unemployment offices and missions, helping our “local brothers and sisters” in need.

I am offering my home in Satellite Beach as an organization/storage location/drop off until distribution. I have an office located on Merritt Island for a drop off location as well. If you are willing to donate canned/boxed goods and/or participate, please contact me at this email address and/or for addresses of either drop off locations. I am willing to pick items up at your home.

Thanks for all your help,

Jim C.

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