Obama – Juking toward Mecca

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Tonight we take a look at Obama and his intentions for the Middle East with Tom Kovach.

Obama — juking toward Mecca

juke (verb, slang): to fake or feign, as in sports (e.g.: the running back juked to avoid being tackled, and scored a touchdown). 2. to dance provocatively, “dirty dancing”. 3. to swindle.

During his speech on Monday evening, Obama dropped hints that he will soon use American covert forces to assassinate Qaddafi. On the surface, that might seem like a good thing. But, did you know that, in recent years, Qaddafi has been cooperating with the CIA??

Obama’s actions against Libya — touted as helping the people of that country — are really designed to help the Muslim Brotherhood.

The column is a long read (four parts). It wasn’t easy to write. But, it’s true.

Join us tonight for the rest of the story.


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