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Blog Talk Radio last week rolled out a redesign on its website.  The look is clean, easier to read, and provides better access to all of your favorite programs — The ANDREA SHEA KING Show being tops among them!

I’ve received emails from listeners who have asked where the DOWNLOAD FEATURE is.

Blog Talk Radio anticipated there would be some questions about the new design.  So they provided a frequently asked questions page where I found this:

I no longer see the download file option on the profile or episode or profile pages. Where did it go? Can I still download my files as a host?

We have removed the download file option for listeners on episode and profile pages. However, listeners can still listen to and download files in multiple ways in addition to listening to them on the page, they can add episodes to the iTunes library, subscribe to the RSS feed (where they can access complete file) and listen to episodes with their default media players.

I grabbed a screenshot of my Blog Talk Radio Listener page, the one you land on when you go to http://BlogTalkRadio.com/ASKShow.

To download a show, click on the RSS or  iTunes logos located under my photo. (see first block above). To see what programs are scheduled in the future, click the arrows under the block labeled “Upcoming Broadcasts” (see above)

To listen to a previous program, look for the blocks labeled “On-Demand Episodes”.  That’s where you’ll find my past — or archived  — shows.  The ten most recent programs will be displayed on the page.  Simply click the arrow within the box to access the show.  Older programs (those not displayed on the page) can be accessed by clicking the boxed arrows at the bottom of the On-Demand Episodes section. (see below)

Hope this helps! Show producer Dave “ThirdWaveDave” Logan and I thank you for tuning in each weeknight evening at 9pm ET.

By the way, BTR co-founder and CEO Alan Levy will join us this Thursday evening to talk about the improvements at BTR and what the future looks like for online radio. Join us!

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