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From The Shark Tank:

From Jane Jamison at Uncoverage.net who gives sage advice to both talker Mark Levin and The Donald.  She raises some valid points, and throws one in for The Gipper while she’s at it.  Definitely worth a link click.

“This is my effort to help our country and to hopefully start a dialogue between two of the smartest, most eloquent, and honorable men in this country, Mark Levin and Donald Trump.  Please forward and re-tweet so that this can get to them this weekend.  Thank you.”

Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press sounds a cautionary warning in “Is this The Donald’s Business Deal of a Lifetime?”

“There is no guarantee that at any given moment counting down to 2012 that Donald Trump won’t say his people on the ground in Hawaii have proven that Obama WAS born in Hawaii.

Constitutional expert talk show radio giant Mark Levin is right on the money when he reminds us that there is nothing noble or altruistic in Trump’s sudden arrival on the front doorstep of the eligibility issue.”

So, what do YOU think?
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