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THANK YOU. After an incredible opening weekend, it would appear it’s time to expand. Opening in only 300 theaters, Atlas Shrugged pulled in 1.67 million dollars averaging $5,590 per theater – 3rd only to Rio and Scream 4 in averages.

Atlas Shrugged Movie = Free Market Working.

The HEAT is on

Our work is not done – it has only just begun and we are running out of time quick. The opposition is out in force and they DO NOT want the message of Atlas to get out. Add to that the summer movie season is hurriedly approaching and we have to move NOW.

This is NOT a dress rehearsal. We must keep the pressure on and get the word out FAST.

Head on over to our Get Involved page and get to spreading the word – twiitter, facebook, email – every single post you make has an impact.

Spread the word now.

Buy your tickets

Buy your tickets now by visting our theaters page and looking for the “BUY TICKETS” button. Not in your town yet? Demand ATLAS!