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Pamela Geller reports at Atlas Shrugs that our U.S. military members were ordered by Obama to perform “Loud Recitation of the Four Tabkbirs” (allahu akbar) four times over bin Laden’s “washed” body on the USS Carl Vinson.

Many os (sic) us, myself in particular, were repulsed and outrage by the revelation that the US military were forced to bury Osma bin Laden according to Islamic precepts and that it was the priority of the Obama administration that it be done right – much preparation was made prior to the kill. They couldn’t decide on releasing the pictures prior to the kill but studying Islamic texts and preparing for an Islamic burial, that was what the Obama administration deemed important.

Brennan explained that the burial took place earlier this morning and that “it was determined that it was in the best interest of all involved that this burial take place again – according to Islamic requirements – at sea.” It was unanimous among Muslim experts that this was the best way to handle it, (video here)

Ltc Joe “enlightens” us on what is required for an “islamic burial.” Were our soldiers forced to chant “alahu akbar” over the body of the  biggest mass murdering monster  of Americans in the cause of jihad? The same ar cry that the 19 Muslim terrorists were screaming as the planes hit the towers.

Do the thousands of student and proud Americans who spontaneously took to the streets on the news that bin laden was killed know that Obama commanded such a grotesque act of submission?

Any wonder why some people believe our “president” is Muslim at heart, if not in fact?

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