Beach Twins

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UPDATE – Happy Mother’s Day!

What I discovered during today’s walk on the beach…

Twins –  three and a half years old, venturing into the surf.

Photo by Andrea Shea King

The photo above reminded me of a painting by Mary Cassatt  titled Children Playing on the Beach.  It’s one that I’ve loved, and for years, it rested on the mantel of my fireplace.

A little history:

In works such as the 1884 painting Children Playing on the Beach, Mary Cassatt looked at children with an honest eye. Cassatt captured their clumsy and often random motions and gave them a real rather than a cherubic aspect. With legs sprawled out for balance and a shovel gripped awkwardly in a little fist, the child in the foreground of Mary Cassatt’s Children Playing on the Beach is intent on the act of filling a bucket, fully unaware of the viewer’s gaze.

Children Playing on the Beach by Mary Cassatt

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. Andrea, I loved your photo of the twins on the beach. I have twin grandchildren who just turned 4 & at first I thought this was a photo of them as it looks strikingly like them! I, too, have always loved Mary Cassatt & I love how you point out how children ‘just are’, unaware of the adult gaze. Thank you for sharing your observations, both of the beauty of our everyday world as well as the world at large (politically).

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