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At the Yad Vashem. Photo credit: Glenn Beck

Obama may preempt PM’s Congress speech with his own plan (Reuters)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to speak to Congress at the invitation of (Republican) Speaker Bohner. He will make his address on May 24. Netanyahu was expected to present new Israeli proposals to get the “peace process” back on track, but that was before the terrorist organization Hamas remarried the “moderate” group Fatah. Now the pressure is off and Israeli political sources say Netanyahu sees no need “to outline any far-reaching peace proposals.”

Where does that leave Obama? The White House signaled that Obama would deliver a major address on Middle East policy “fairly soon.” According to a senior administration official, Obama will meet the Israeli Prime Minister at (the front door of?…) the White House on May 22 and is considering giving his speech before he leaves on a trip to Europe early in the week of May 22.

You do the scheduling. Is Obama so obsessed with backing Israel into a corner that he’ll buck both protocol and political prudence to publicly contradict a head of state, an ally and a guest of Congress just two days before Netanyahu’s remarks? This should be interesting, and we’ll soon find out.

Dan Friedman


Western Wall (Photo credit: Glenn Beck)

Glenn: Jerusalem ‘beginning of the end’ for man’s freedom

There is so much going on in the world right now – oil crisis, high unemployment, out of control government. So why is Glenn spending time focusing on Israel? Because, he explains, Jerusalem is the ‘beginning of the end’ for man’s freedom around the globe. The world is uniting to force Israel into a ‘two-state solution’ which Glenn believes would spell the end of Israel — but Israel is only one of the two that Satan’s radicals want to destroy. Who is the other?  Glenn explains that and more on radio today

Western Wall (photo credit: Glenn Beck)

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