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“Lady Gaga is satanic sonic sewage. SATANIC. She has recently taken to mutilating herself by implanting demonic horns in her face and shoulders. These implanted “horns” are the next body mutilation/piercing fad. If you let your kids listen to her, you are in a state of profound mortal sin.”Ann Barnhardt

Lady Gaga


Ann Barnhardt, businesswoman, ardent and devout Catholic, and a woman who chooses her words with the pinpoint accuracy of a bulls eye from a pink semi-automatic rifle (that’s her gripping the weapon in the poster to the left) tells it like it is, whether you like it or not.  No nuance here.  It’s all pretty black and white, right and wrong.

For example, in her recent post about rap hip/hop “music” excoriated Michelle and Barack Obama for the “filth they just can’t get enough of.”

Ann wrote:

Here is the White House trying in vain to defend the rapper invite per the Washington Times:

“He’s spoken very forcefully out against violent and misogynist lyrics,” press secretary Jay Carney told reporters, adding that Mr. Obama has strong support for the nation’s law enforcement.


Mr. Carney said it’s not fair to boil down Common’s work to the lyrics at issue, noting he is known as a “conscious rapper” who can bring poetry to audiences that would not otherwise be exposed to it.

And here, friends, is a sampling of the “poetry” in question. It is too filthy for me to post here, but you can click on the link and read for yourself. Once again, we see blasphemy, violence, extreme materialism, braggadocio, drug use, drug trafficking, and the objectification of women. I especially like the last half of the last “stanza”. It really is good to let a woman know in advance what acts of sodomy you expect her to perform during your mindless, soulless animalistic “hook-up”. And just for the record, if these lyrics are so great, why didn’t Nat King Cole talk or sing like this? Oh, yeah. Because Nat King Cole was a good, Christian man of integrity and class with a pure heart, a pure mind, and REAL TALENT OOZING OUT OF HIS PORES.

Click Here for the filth that Barack and Michelle just can’t get enough of!

Who is Ann Barnhardt?

Bursting onto the blogosphere scene just a few weeks ago with her controversial videos lambasting Sen. Lindsey “You Jackass” Graham and her even more incendiary commentary on Islam, in which she bookmarked with raw bacon strips various Suras in the Koran (“evil”) and read each one before tearing out the page and lighting it on fire in a glass bowl behind her, Ann has become the “Joan of Arc” of the conservative base.

Brandishing the sword of Truth in one hand and a crucifix-topped scepter in the other, she’s got a message for the world, pipelined straight from God the Almighty. And she’s sharing it with us tonight.

Friday night at 9 ET