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Gather round, kids. Today we’re going to learn more about how our pretend president is rewarding his friends and screwing the rest of us. Our friend Big Dave is here to explain the how and why of Obama’s waivers:

I thought this might help those who aren’t completely clear on all these waivers from Obamacare requirements that keep getting handed out.. over 1300 now, and 80% of them to UNION management teams, for THEIR health care plans for workers.

So here it is.

There is a type of health insurance called “Mini Med”, which is a policy that has a low annual payout limit, say $50,000 instead of the typical $500,000 or more.  The insurance company thus has an upper limit to its potential losses, and can then lower the PRICE of the insurance to match that.  In this way, employers whose main workers are low wage, low skill workers on low hourly wages can offer THOSE workers health insurance that works, and that they can AFFORD.  Millions of low wage workers have mini med plans, enabling them to take their kids do the doctor and handle medical emergencies, while not necessarily putting them in a position to get those rare advanced cancer treatments and so forth.  But for daily life, a mini med plan is a LIFESAVER for ordinary “working families”, as the Democrats call them, including lots of UNION employees’ families.

McDonalds also employs that kind of worker, and they were an early waiver recipient.  Then they famously hired 50,000 people in a PR coup for Obama and his high unemployment rate.  So, do you think McDonalds would have been hiring new burger flippers if they had to offer the new employees full medical benefits with $750k annual payout limits?

Me neither.  The waiver was their ticket to Obama’s PR coup.  No coincidences.

Bottom line?  Obamacare ELIMINATES the Mini Med plan, by making it illegal for any offered plan to have less than a $750k yearly payout limit.  That requirement is already IN FORCE (by mistake, as we’ll see).   Cadillac plans for everyone!  It’s the law!

Employers like McDonalds therefore must do one of two things if they don’t get a waiver–

offer their employees MUCH more expensive policies, or

offer them nothing, thereby forcing them into the government’s plan, the “public option” as their ONLY option.  All that talk about removing the public option was so much steaming dung.  They are planning on pitching this as soon as enough employees, who are newly deprived of their company plans because they are now too expensive, begin a public outcry for government to get into that business.  All the administration has to do is to make it past the 2012 elections without losing their power, so they can then “answer that call from a desperate public”.

The WAIVER is a permission slip to NOT eliminate mini meds… YET. 

This is one of the bumbling screwups of the plan, which you remember was forced through the House by eliminating their option to debate and amend it.  The Senate’s “version” was the one the House passed without comment, and the Senate’s version was written by people who did not expect that version to become final.  They figured amendments and rewrites were coming.  So a lot of it is just dumb stuff.  The requirement for the high level annual max payout policy wasn’t supposed to kick in until after the 2012 elections.  It’s already law, though, because of bumbling.

So you can see how the Obamacare plan intended to eventually eliminate private medical insurance offered by employers.  They simply planned to make such insurance prohibitively expensive and force employees out of corporate insurance and into the “public option”.  Eventually, there would be too few customers for private insurance companies to maintain the proper risk pools, and they’d all be out of business.  Then government would be the only provider of health insurance, as Obama has always wanted and planned for it to be.

The WAIVER is, then, a waiver from present day compliance with Obamacare’s new minimum annual payout level for health care policies.  the new level is more than ten times higher than the level of the policies that can presently be afforded by construction workers, burger flippers, etc.  Obamacare thus removes by force a perfectly acceptable and workable option which affordably puts millions of people under proper care of doctors.

Our benevolent government at work.  They’re for the little guy. 

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