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UPDATE:  I was discharged of my duty before I ever got near a courtroom.  Hung around in the jury pool all morning, until at 11:30 they called my name, dismissed me and thanked me for my service.

Thursday marks my first day of jury duty.  I’ll be joining a pool of potential jurors and it will depend on fate if I ultimately get chosen to sit on a panel of my peers.  So I’ll be offline for most of the day.

Twice before I’ve been summoned; both times I was rejected.  We’ll see how it goes Thursday morning.  My luck I’ll be chosen to deliberate on some godawful crime that will make my skin crawl.

Regardless, it’s my civic duty and I’ll do it willingly.

Meantime, if you weren’t among the hundreds who tuned into my interview with Dr. Jerry Corsi Wednesday night, go listen to it or download it onto your iPod or iTunes, or computer hard drive.

Link here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/askshow/2011/05/19/the-andrea-shea-king-show

Prior to the show yesterday, a group of smart folks who have been following the Obama eligibility issue since the beginning and have done considerable research on the usurper had an email conversation.  One of them wrote the following, which coincided with something Dr. Corsi said during Wednesday night’s interview.  It also matched up with something former Congressman Jim Rogan wrote about the Clinton impeachment hearings.  And it is this: things won’t come to justice until the number of Americans demanding the truth about Obama reaches such a critical mass that Congress and the Courts can no longer ignore the crisis, and in typical fashion rush out ahead to claim the cause as theirs.

With his permission, I am reprinting a portion of what Don F. contributed to today’s email conversation:

Issa will do nothing, Congress will do nothing, and the mainstream media will do nothing – at least not until public opinion changes. At that eventual point they will all jump to the front of the parade and act as though they had been leading it all along. That is their nature. If they had any integrity they would have demonstrated it long ago. Instead, they made a deal with the devil to support his disciple in exchange for advancement of their ideologies and careers.

All we can do is convince as many people as we can that the usurper is illegitimate and persuade them to take action. But it will take tens of millions of people, not a few thousand marching on Washington, D.C.

What works in our favor is the declining state of the U.S. economy. Granted, we want the economy to improve, but approval ratings do not go up when people cannot find jobs and the cost of food and gasoline skyrocket. I take the approach of pointing out both the thug’s ineligibility and emphasizing that the economy is doomed as long as he and his comrades retain power. Regrettably, millions of fence-sitters do not care one whit about the U.S. Constitution but they care about feeding their families and avoiding eviction. They can be persuaded to join the parade as well, albeit with different arguments.

We can also hope that someone will “turn” on the usurper. Secrets cannot be kept forever. It may take only one person, and suddenly the floodgates will open and a hurricane will wash him out of our Oval Office. We must certainly keep up the pressure. Many might be tempted to give up because it appears he got away with releasing a phony document. But that is precisely why we cannot give up. The bully has weaknesses, as demonstrated by the release of the “document,” and we need to keep punching. He is not George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Ronald Reagan. He will crack under the pressure. Let’s all keep after him and his cohorts, rather than each other.

Think about that. And then educate yourself with the facts. A good place to find them in one place is Dr. Corsi’s book “Where’s the Birth Certificate”, or at WorldNetDaily’s extensive archive on the subject.

It’s going to have to be we the people to get this done. Congress is immobilized with fear, timidity, and/or corruption. The Courts won’t touch it, fearful of a Constitutional crisis of this magnitude on their watch.

The days of a Woodward and Bernstein investigative media are long gone. No help there from the journolists.

So… look in the mirror.  We are the people.  We are both the judge and jury.  It’s up to us to save ourselves and our country. Will justice be served?

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