Do you really know GOOGLE?

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TONIGHT at 9 pm ET…

Each time you use a search engine, you disclose something about yourself.  And it tends to be more than just passing interests; your searches reveal your wants, needs, desires, and fears.  Over time, you may unwittingly divulge your age, sex, religion, ethnic group, profession, political views and medical concerns.

That information can be exploited by its owners (ED: i.e. Google) to create dossiers on you that would make former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover look like a piker.

Google is not the company it claims to be.  Evolving from an information servant to master, the company’s unprecedented centralization of information, tracking, and profiling, is destroying privacy while threatening our security and way of life.

You are not Google’s customer — you are its products — lab rats to be monitored and tracked before having your personal information laundered to advertisers – and maybe even shared with the government.

You see, Google’s goal is to change the world by influencing and controlling information access.

Scott Cleland’s newly published book about GOOGLE —  “Search & Destroy, Why You Can’t Trust Google, Inc.” — pulls back the curtain to show what’s really going on with the Internet giant that is cozily in bed with Obama’s White House.

Cleland is the world’s leading Google critic and has been called to testify before Congress on three occasions regarding the Internet behemoth.

Tonight he’ll join us to explain why Google cannot be trusted – and how the company with a “don’t be evil” slogan threatens our privacy, security, and even our fundamental values and institutions.


9 pm ET

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By Radiopatriot

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