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Photo credit - I Own the World - "We Ran our Analysis - It's Weiner" http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=78247

It’s Weiner Wednesday and where are the Republicans?  Are there ANY Republicans?  I think there’s no such thing anymore.  Might as well be as relevant as “where are the Whigs?”

This is red meat hanging there at the Zoo at feeding time.  Where the hell are you, Republican members?  Weiner is an enemy of the country and never misses an opportunity to savage the conservatives, out in front of the TV cameras at the drop of a hat, lying, obfuscating… he loves doing it.  He’s the ankle biting attack dog of the Left.

So, when the Republicans have him dead to rights, where are they?  They have this “rogue tweet” (credit: Mark Steyn) and are doing nothing with it?

In the same bed. Is there not a one of them honest enough to call for an investigation of this little prick???

It’s not important that Weiner sent a picture of his penis to a girl.  What IS important is did he take this picture of himself? “Is this a picture of you?”  And if it is, “Why did you do it?”

This is a member of Congress, for goodness sake.

So what are the GOP members doing? They’re in the White House for a “listening session”.  A listening session?  They should be sitting this White House criminal down and giving him a listening session!

So, Republican members of Congress, what are you going to do about Anthony Weiner’s lies?

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