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On Saturday night I watched an episode of Globe Trekker that took the viewer to many of the WW II sites in Europe where significant battles and events took place.  Anzio; Auschwitz; Berlin; France’s Compiègne Forest; Crete; Dresden; Dunkirk; the Normandy beaches; and Nuremberg.  It was interesting as well as educational.  And timely, because today is the anniversary of “Operation Overlord,” the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe that began on D-Day — June 6, 1944 — on the beaches of Normandy, France.

I’m reminded of the lyrics to a song written and sung by the Rivoli Revue:

“Some gave all, they paid the price. For freedoms here, they sacrificed. They gave their lives for you and me. Their graves remind us, freedom’s not free.”


The Bedford Boys’ Ultimate Sacrifice on D-Day

Nineteen boys from one small American town — Bedford, Virginia — died in the first minutes of D-Day. In the new book “The Bedford Boys,” Alex Kershaw tells the story that inspired the movie “Saving Private Ryan.”

Read Chapter 11, “Dog Beach”, from the book “The Bedford Boys: One American Town’s Ultimate D-Day Sacrifice” by Alex Kershaw (Da Capo Press, 2004).

Now listen to a REAL president:

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