. . . . .

For the past two years — since the 2008 presidential campaign — I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of who Mitt Romney reminds me of.  It’s there, it’s evident, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  His inauthenticity.  His inability to project strength and conviction.  His sense of “It’s my turn” in the political ascendancy the GOP establishment promises its own.

Today, watching this video, it hit me.

Mitt Romney is a clone of George Herbert Walker Bush.

In certain parts of New England there’s an expression used to describe someone with no blood, no energy, no muscle, lacking in strength:  “spleeny”.  Both of those men are “spleeny”. No doubt. It’s what comes of being fed from a silver spoon.

Romney’s manner, his demeanor, his elitism, his politics, his background, his soft voice, his inflection, his Ivy League-ishness… it’s all there.  Yep.  HW.  All over again.  Though Mitt is not necessarily considered a “Blue Blood” , he’s one of their own, the blue blazer crowd, someone who “Her Pearlship” would approve.

. . . . .