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From Gateway Pundit…

In 2008 The LA Times withheld a video that contained footage of Barack Obama celebrating with a group of Palestinians who were openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama reportedly even gave a toast to a former PLO operative, Rashid Khalidi, at this celebration. This was something the LA Times hid from the American public before the election. The media refused to release the video.

Terrorist Bill Ayers, Barack Obama and his good friend Jew-hater Rashid Khalidi

There were also reports that terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were at the same Jew-bash.

Khalidi was thought to be connected to the PLO.

Fast forward to this week—

The Los Angeles Times released 24,000 Sarah Palin emails today.

More… Legal Insurrection added this: CBS News is leading the charge, but it will not release the full content of Obama’s donor conversation caught on an open microphone.

 They’re not even trying to hide it.  And it will get worse.  Show producer ThirdWaveDave says “Wait until Sarah throws her hat in the ring.”  They’ll be vicious and not even hide it.  Ed Schultz and Cenk Ugher unhinged, 24/7.
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