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Going after the media.  A friend of mine has organized this event to take advantage of the media circus surrounding the Casey Anthony trial in downtown Orlando.

On Saturday June 25th there will be a protest against the Main Stream Media’s continuing protection of Barack Obama. The protest is set to take place across the street from the Orange County Courthouse, on the sidewalk in front of the Main Stream Media production camp.  The Main Stream Media is intentionally ignoring four major issues with Obama’s background.  For National Security reasons, it is urgent that the public know the truth, and must insist the media relentlessly seek the truth about the following four issues:

1.  Obama’s long form birth certificate is very possibly a PDF of a forgery, and is not an actual photograph.  No actual document, only a photocopy, has been examined by the media, except for one MSNBC employee.



Obama’s father was a Kenyan, a British subject. Obama is in violation of Article 2 Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution in that his father was a British subject.

Obama’s fighting nearly two dozen lawsuits to prevent the release of his documentation.

2.  Obama’s Social Security number is possibly fraudulent, and a FOIA lawsuit is moving forward, despite being ignored by the press.

3.  Obama’s selective service records are very suspicious, and was reportedly in California at the time he claims to have registered in Hawaii.

4.  Passport records were possibly tampered with in a State Department security breach in 2008.  The records have never been released to the public.  

As an example, read this story about Fox News protecting Obama:


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