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Rush Limbaugh:

Folks, it’s dangerous what’s happening here.  And it’s very important for the Republicans to understand what’s going on here and to be prepared for it.  Obama’s trying to show up late here and pretend to lead on the debt ceiling and on the debt and on the deficit, but he brought so many straw men to this news conference today that it’s a fire hazard in there.  A little humor, Mr. Snerdley.  Snerdley is so serious, he’s so ticked off that nothing’s funny to him today.  But we’re looking at the one responsible man in the room, Barack Obama, responsible for the mess.  We’re looking at the one responsible person.  He’s going to try and has tried to present himself as the one reasonable man in the room.  He is single-handedly, along with his party, responsible for this. (imitating Obama)  “Republicans are gonna be trying to drive us into the ditch.”  Obama will stand tall, declare each side must give a little, and Obama is the one reasonable man in the room because he’s the smartest.  

I think the Republicans ought to issue a statement before this press conference is over, and it’s not over yet, it’s still going on.  Hold the president’s feet to the fire in terms of facts and in terms of context.

So… did they??? Will they?  Do they?


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