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Tonight — A full show — we’ll kick it off with reaction to last night’s sneak peek preview showing of Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated”, followed with Ann Barnhardt who today wrote the following on her site.  It will be controversial and interesting… what was it that Glenn Beck always used to say?  “The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment”.

That’s us.  Tonight. 

Here’s Ann:

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – June 30, AD 2011 11:19 AM MST

The acreage figures released by the USDA this morning are absurd. Everyone in the trade knows it. The USDA knows it, and NASS has already acknowledged that the numbers will need to be “tweaked”. Here is the raw truth. ANYTHING the government says in ANY context has to be addressed as being a willful lie. Everything. I have been told directly by USDA employees, both former and current, that they and all of their colleagues would fabricate data to put into their field office reports as standard procedure, which were then submitted to the USDA headquarters.

Additionally, I have been told numerous times that the USDA itself fabricates and manipulates the data that it releases – and frankly, that has been obvious all along for anyone who has a brain. And this goes for all government datasets. Consumer Price Index? 100% political concoction. Unemplyment data? 100% political fabrication. Anything to do with budgets, costs or outlays? 100% total taurusfimus.

I look at these people who are living and dying off of these government numbers and all I can feel is sadness and pity for them. Their entire lives and careers revolve around being jerked around by lazy, lying, cheating, conniving politicians and government bureaucrats.

Our government is totally corrupt, on par with the Soviet Union and Red China. The lies are constant, and now to the point in the United States to where they are breathtaking in their audacity. Barack Obama released his “real” birth certificate. Obamacare is going to “save money” and “lower costs”. Taxing private jets will solve all deficit problems.

And back to the corn. It would be naive to the point of negligence not to acknowledge the very strong possibility that the USDA higher-ups are in cahoots with insider traders who established short positions ahead of this morning’s fraudulent report. The government is now a very large organized crime syndicate, and these insider deals are essentially what is driving everything, from banking to energy trading to “green” regulations and subsidies.

People are NOT chasing high-level government bureaucracy positions and political office for the salary and pension. They are chasing these positions because of the potential for grift, bribes and payola. There comes a point wherein a structure is so infested by vermin and insects that regular extermination techniques will never be effective – all you can do is raze the building. I’m afraid that’s what we’re looking at in this country. And the vermin and insects in question will not go quietly, I can assure you of that.

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