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Like many of us, I’ve had the TV tuned to the Casey Anthony trial taking place in nearby Orlando.  Today’s courtroom proceedings especially have made for great TV, pre-empting regular Sunday programming in favor of live courtroom drama and “expert panels” giving instant playback commentary during sidebars, meal and smoke breaks.

It’s amazing to see how absolutely stoic Casey Anthony has been through it all.  She’s broken down in tears a handful of times, most notably when her brother Lee was on the stand sobbing about how left out he felt when the Anthony family wouldn’t tell him Casey was pregnant.

The prosecution made its closing argument today, followed by the defense’s final.  And if you’re watching, you know that tomorrow the prosecution will give its rebuttal.  The drama and surprises have been non-stop in Judge Belvin Perry’s (why do I want to call him Melvin Belli?) courtroom.

Here’s my prediction:  The jury is going to find Casey Anthony guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child.  For that she’ll get 30 years in prison. She’ll also be found guilty of aggravated child abuse giving her an additional 30 years. Throw in all four counts of providing false information to law enforcement for good measure, and the girl’s dancin’ days are behind her.

Bottom line:  Casey Anthony’s going to be behind bars for the rest of her life.  Party’s over for the party girl. Interesting observations on her courtroom body language here.

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