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The Battle of Bunker Hill


Believed to be the first of the Revolutionary War masterpieces to be finished, this work was painted by John Trumbull in London and finished in March, 1786.

Trumbull explained the painting:

“. . . This painting represents the moment when (the Americans having expended their ammunition) the British troops became completely successful and masters of the field. At this last moment of the action, Gen. Warren was killed by a musket ball through the head. The principal group represents him expiring, a soldier on his knees supports him, and with one hand wards off the bayonet of a British grenadier, . . . Col. Small . . . is represented seizing the musket of the grenadier, to prevent the fatal blow, . . . Near this side of the painting is seen General Putnam, reluctantly ordering the retreat of these brave men; … Behind Col. Small is seen Major Pitcairn, of the British marines, mortally wounded, and falling in the arms of his son, . . . Under the heel of Col. Small lies the dead body of Col. Abercrombie. Gen. Howe, who commanded the British troops, and Gen. Clinton, . . . are seen behind the principal group.”

So… what are YOU doing to preserve their sacrifice, their gift of liberty and freedom for all?

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