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I haven’t paid much attention to what Washington insider Brit Hume has had to say.  The avuncular Hume typically hews to the center, and that’s not where I live.

But in this case, he makes — surprisingly — some strong statements about the ATF’s Operation Gunrunner.  Watch and see for yourself. 

From the Daily Caller:

During the web exclusive “Panel Plus” segment of “Fox News Sunday,” Hume said that this scandal begs the question of what Obama Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Operation Fast and Furious and when did he know it. (Allen West: Obama must remove Eric Holder, or he’s complicit with Fast and Furious cover-up)

“This is a real scandal,” Hume said. “And once again, we have the classic question of what did the attorney general, for example, know? When did he know it?”

Could Operation Gunrunner fatally wound the Obama Administration in a fast and furious kinda way???

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