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  Trevor Loudon does important work. It’s what so-called “reporters” and biased “journalists” in the media stopped doing long ago — digging for the truth and reporting it, no matter where it leads.

Trevor is not a United States citizen, but he knows that if we don’t survive, New Zealand won’t either, so he digs, puzzles it together and connects the dots. I’ve posted his reports and linked to them several times here at The Radio Patriot.  He is an unsung hero in the fight for truth, justice, and the American way. I would consider it a personal favor if you could help Trevor meet his financial obligations as he leaves his New Zealand home to come here and continue his research.


Message from Trevor:


Every now and then, I appeal for some financial assistance.

I will be traveling to the US around October, on an extended research/meetings trip. I also have a colleague in the US doing archival research on Congressional candidates right now. Both these projects cost money, though everything is done on a very tight budget. Any help, for these and other  projects will be much appreciated.

Why should you help New Zeal?

This little New Zealandbased blog, punches well above its weight.

  1. New Zeal broke the story of Barack Obama’s ties to communist Frank Marshall Davis.
  2. New Zeal released the information that led to communist Van Jones resigning from the White House.
  3. New Zeal information is regularly used by Glenn Beck and several other broadcasters. Glenn even registered the domain name NZpatriot.com which he redirected to this blog.
  4. New Zeal has been heavily cited in several books on Barack Obama, hundreds of articles and tens of thousands of blog posts. The books include Manchurian President, Radical in Chief, We’ve Been Had, The Obama Nation and Duped.
  5. I have personally visited several cities in the U.S. digging up information that no-one else seems willing or able to find. – our recent exposes of new US Secretary of defense Leon Panetta for example.  The New Zeal blog consistently references directly to the source material – documents that would otherwise have not been uncovered. Much of this material is now available on our sister site KeyWiki.

Flick back through the last few posts and ask yourself, “where else can I get this information?”

To cut a long story shot – all this takes money. I am able to do this, largely because of your past generosity.

Every now and then, I ask for some financial help. I’m asking now.

My mission is to keep exposing “Red Democrats”, R.I.N.O.s and other subversives up to the 2012 elections and beyond.

Check out my previous post on Republican Party “heavyweight” Dick Lugar and the rest of my “Nuclear Treason” series for example.

There’s a PayPal button to the right (or click here). If you want New Zeal to keep exposing the U.S. and international left, please make a contribution today. There is also an option on this page for making a regular monthly donation if that would suit you better.

Thank you very much.

Trevor Loudon

For New Zeal and KeyWiki

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