Officer’s oath. The antidote to Obama and his zombies.

Ann Barnhardt will be on the Terry Lakin Action Fund Radio show Monday afternoon at 3 pm ET.  We’ll be listening. Here’s the link to listen live on Monday afternoon or streaming. The streaming file will be posted Tuesday morning.

By the way, a friend of mine noted on her Facebook page:

Passed Homeland Security clearance yesterday! Had to renew my driver’s license. Needed my certified birth certificate, Social Security card, certified marriage license, photo ID, two proofs of address from official documents, my left arm, and right little toe, along with the title of my car, and the deed to my house! I passed, I’m legit! Won’t have to do this again, so they say!

Too bad she wasn’t being sworn in as POTUS… she wouldn’t have had to show a thing.

Ann was asked to do a “wee YouTube video on LTC Lakin and was delighted to oblige.” Here it is.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Dear Miss Barnhardt : You took my breath away! We so need you around. We also, need us to start awakening others!
    Please, strive onward. I’m sending your videos to everyone. More & more of info must be sent out, to all!

    Sincerely, Michael Boyle @IncurableLou &

    May God bless you.

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