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Fellow blogger “T” writes:

And, according to Allen West, we are selling tanks to Egypt which is basically controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Happy days…

“T’s” reaction was prompted by an email from Ken Timmerman (Author: Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran Contributing editor: Newsmax.com) who sent out an  alert:

DoE is negotiating to build a long-term nuclear waste repository in Mongolia, apparently to replace Yucca Mountain, which the Obama administration has shut down.


As far as I am aware, there have been little or no consultations with Congress on this, even though Congress (specifically, HFAC) must approve all 123 agreements under the Atomic Energy Act.

Well, isn’t that just hunky dory. Rep. Allen West says a planned sale of Abrams tanks to Egypt could play into the hands of radicals and further destabilize the region. Another Congressional Representative responded in a private email to me:

I think, worse yet, we are helping our enemies take out Quadafi… I hope the tank systems have a chip in them that will allow detonation at our discretion.

There are simply not enough hours in a day to voice my disapproval of policy here that bothers me.

Maybe when we get through the debt ceiling crisis, one way or the other – maybe there will be more available time and energy to ratchet back so many misguided policies here.

I don’t think all the crisis and dysfunction is coincidental. It is an institutional dysfunction by both parties, which is made worse by the president’s incredibly expansive multifaceted agenda.