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Darla Dawald of Patriot Action Network was not able to be with us on this Tea Party Express tour. But she’s with us in spirit and this morning she’s got us PUMPED UP!

Here’s why:

The Tea Party is Getting Under Their Skin!

Today, the hit piece by Clarence Page struck a nerve. When I read all of your many responses to his article, I felt inspired, motivated, and encouraged that you are still in the fight! Additionally, I realized by all the hit pieces lately that they really do fear the movement, the impact and the ability we have to change America. Today I thought about how we’re really getting under their skin!

We know that we inundate you with a constant barrage of news alerts aimed specifically to help you stay informed; because the best voters and activists are informed voters and activists. We know that we lose some members because they will leave rather than adjust their email settings and sometimes that is discouraging. Today, reading your responses was just what I needed to see from you! You’re in! You’re standing!

We would never begin to state that we have all the answers here, or that we provide the very best resources or tools. But what we can say at PAN is that we have a burning desire to restore our country and will do whatever we can with what we have to share that with you and assist you in this fight!

I am so proud of the patriots and members of PAN that stand and fight daily for what they believe in. The patriots that respond to calls of action, and those that call, visit, fax, email, tweet, and facebook their elected officials. Those that have traveled across the country to DC, Searchlight, Las Vegas, and anywhere there have been rallies, protests, and marches.

I so appreciate those of you that participate in the discussions, blogs, and share content, news, and opinions with the readers here daily! You are the reason we do what we do.  Though we may not agree 100% daily, I know that we agree that our country is in trouble and we all must heed the call to act and take responsibility to change the direction.

This country is like a massive ship. To turn the wheel on the ship takes many vigorous turns only to redirect her slowly. When the Titanic hit the iceberg it had a lot to do with the ship turning slowly and they couldn’t turn her fast enough to avoid collision.

We started turning our wheel 2.5 years ago and the result of that vigorous turning of the wheel is slowly redirecting our US ship. It isn’t nearly fast enough for most, if not all of us. At least we are aware there is an iceberg and have been doing our best to divert the path toward destruction like the Titanic that frightful night.

We have a crew of tea partiers aboard this ship that know what is at stake. Patriots willing to sacrifice personal time and activities in order to preserve the most important commodity we have as Americans, Freedom!

Keep up the fight patriots! Take any down time you have to sharpen your tools, prepare, educate, and bring others on board! We are turning this ship and it will take time to turn her toward our destination. Meanwhile, do not lose faith, or hope, and know above all other things that you are not alone! We have to stick together!

Again, thank you for standing to preserve freedom and liberty for all. Thank you for the honor to share this journey with you. It is certainly a journey none of us will ever forget! Keep up the great work and let’s really unnerve them and make their skin crawl! The truth always prevails!

Enjoy a few of my favorite videos that will hopefully inspire you as they do me.