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Bookworm sent over a link to some info about Rick Perry that I found informative enough to send to all on my mail list (and if you’re not on it, why not?  email me at Radiopatriot@gmail and I’ll see to it you don’t miss another one!)

Pesky Truth is where you’ll find information based on solid facts/data on seventeen topics of concern/discussion about Rick Perry’s record. Read it and determine for yourself what to make of it.  Do your homework.  The Left is going to throw as much crap at him as they can to have you believe untruths, half truths, lies… as Rush Limbaugh says, the Left will tell you who they fear just by how much attention they give to a particular person, and how much they try to destroy them.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Given that Perry is going to be the front runner — do you really think Romney’s going to glide into the White House? — it’s important to learn as much as we can about his record. I’ve created individual folders on my computer for each of the presidential candidates.  Pesky Truth’s is already in the one labeled “Rick Perry”.

Watch Rick Perry’s speech in April 2010 at the South Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans — no teleprompters! (h/t Judson Phillips at Tea Party Nation).

(Also, thanks Maggie’s Notebook for the link!)