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Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs nailed it with this post (via I Own The World):

Grotesque Ghoulish Opportunism:
“Obama’s Photo of the Day”

New meaning to Obama’s pronunciation of “corpsman.”

Yahoo news: The official White House photo of a saluting Obama was distributed to news media and published widely. It also was posted on the White House website as the “Photo of the Day.”

The mask is off and what we, the American people, must face is the ugly, small man who resides underneath all that media make-up and propaganda smoke and mirrors.

Last week I called Obama’s sudden prohibition of photos of our returning war dead on the eve of the return of our fallen heroes in the worst single loss of life in one day in Afghanistan manipulative cynicism.

This was a 180-degree reversal of his previous policy shift, when he lifted the Bush ban on the media. Clearly, the visual of a long succession of coffins of the worst day (a set-up for the OBL kill, no less) in the military action in Afghanistan since the war began would not be an opportune Obama photo-op. It was a cold-blooded calculation. You would think Obama would have been remorseful, humbled by the enormous tragedy — the blame for which is his.

But no, Obama banned all press from taking pictures of their return except for a photo-op for him.

As was this, a cold-blooded calculation on the backs of the dead soldiers and their families for cynical poltical gain. I wonder if he waited for the “transfer,” or left after the shot was taken.

Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney said, “the White House released the photo, in the interests of transparency.” The only transparent thing about Obama is his naked, narcissist agenda.

And the media’s silence on this manipulative Obama marketing campaign exposes these vultures to be an activist fifth column.

White House photo sparks protest. Be sure to read this too – “The Downing of the US Navy SEALS – are we being told the truth?