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Today’s Fresh Hell… brought to you by the Obama Regime and the complicit and vacationing Invisible Congress.

Am awaiting a call back from Sen. John Kerry’s office to get the OK to recharacterize the Tea Party as the TEA PARTY UPGRADE. Just kidding…  But it’s only fair, as Fitch reports they are keeping the country’s credit rating at AAA.  So… does that mean we are now the TEA PARTY UPGRADE?


Salary of retired US Presidents ……….­…$180,00­0 FOR LIFE
Salary of House/Sena­te ……….­……….­…$174,00­​0 FOR LIFE
Salary of Speaker of the House ……….­..$223,500 FOR LIFE
Salary of Majority/M­inority Leaders …… $193,400 FOR LIFE
Average Salary of a teacher ……….­…… $40,065
Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTA­N $38,000

I think we found where the cuts should be made!

A US military retirement downgrade? Will retirement benefits be there for our military when they hang up their uniforms?  Today’s fresh hell deals with a further effort to demoralize and ultimate destroy the finest military organization in the world, with this “news” from Leon Panetta and the Defense Department.

We’re all concerned that our retirement accounts won’t be there when we need them.  And we’re now going to plow our military into the same box?

From Fox News:

Panetta: ‘You Have to Consider’ Military Retirement Reform

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday that overhauling the military’s retirement benefits system is “the kind of thing you have to consider.”

During a televised conversation at the National Defense University, Panetta said a decision has not been made yet about a proposal from a Pentagon task force that would abandon the traditional pension system in favor of a 401(k)-style contribution program.

But he said if retirement benefits are changed, “you have to do it in a way that doesn’t break faith with the military.” Panetta added that the Pentagon would have to grandfather in current benefits.

What do active and retired military think of the idea?  I’d like to know.

“Retired Gen. Bob Scales called the proposal “a bad deal.”

“That’s why the military retirement system was structured the way it was structured because war is a young man’s game,” he told Fox news. “We reward those who sacrifice when they’re young. And the reward is when they retire, they are given a decent retirement pay to carry them over the time they leave the service, and this of course would just remove that.”