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Last evening after the show, I emailed to my readers a post by Daniel Greenfield (aka “Sultan Knish”) about Rick Perry and his relationship with Islamists.  It began like this:

Rick Perry and Islam
Posted: 15 Aug 2011 07:44 PM PDT

Some questions have been raised about Rick Perry’s views on Islam. Islamic infiltration into American politics means that every candidate deserves close scrutiny. My purpose is not to attack Perry, but to conduct a preliminary discussion of the subject. Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel have written their own articles, which add more pieces to the puzzle. As with every candidate, the discussion will go on as more materials are brought forward.

Please be sure to hit the link and read the entire piece.

This morning I got this reply from a gentleman on my mail list whose son and daughter both wear our nation’s uniform:

“Thanks for sending this. I began doing some research on the Texas “Freedom and Justice Foundation” last evening, as I was sent another article in which it said much of what is in this article. I am more certain today then yesterday, that this will be the undoing of Perry. His record is too long and cozy with the islamic way of thinking.

“Have you ever thought, why are the Hindus simply satisfied with the “right” to practice their religion in the United States? Why are the Buddhists simply happy with practicing their religion in the United States? And, you could list how many other religious groups of people who have come to America, just because they can practice what they believe in real freedom. They are not trying to change laws, they are not trying to change the books that teach our children, they are not trying to take over anything, they are simply living under the “real” freedom and justice that we have here, they are not trying to re-create the freedom and justice we have to somehow fit their particular political and religious taste and point of view.

“All you have to do is go to the home page of “The Freedom and Justice Foundation” of Texas, and read what they are about. Here is a copy and paste from the bottom of the home page. This is the whole of the vision statement.

Vision Statement:

F&J envisions American Muslims, with their distinctive viewpoint not restricted by conventional limitations, expediting America’s progress in achieving its ultimate values of freedom and justice.


“This is an absolute slap in the face to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the laws of American. To the unsuspecting eye, just reading face value, this might sound very nice. However, they want to help America “expedite its progress in achieving the values of freedom and justice.” They are saying that their “distinctive viewpoint” is restricted by conventional limitations…

“WHAT???  Andrea, do you realize what this means???

“Muslims have one massively – huge – problem, and that is the historical record of their infiltration into any country and the take-over of that culture and society. I have looked at this a lot, and done a lot of reading about it. In my personal opinion, this will be the undoing of Perry’s campaign.

“If indeed he somehow overcomes this exposure, God help us.

“Also, always keep in mind a couple of  the islamic principal doctrines. One is that it is very explicitly stated that a muslim cannot have an infidel for a friend, and anyone who is not a muslim is an infidel.

“Also, the principal doctrine of “taqiyya” — this gives the muslim the right to lie for the purpose of advancing the islamic agenda and its OK. The Wikipedia definition is a very narrow interpretation to what is understood in the hadiths and explained by the imam’s.  So it would not be outside of the islamic way of thinking to believe that all this “nice – nice” in Texas is all a front, and they are very, very, patient. If you really want to look at something, look at the state of Michigan, especially Dearborn. OMG….

“Andrea, I don’t know how much you have looked into this subject, but this is so serious that I would encourage you to look more into it, and do everything in your capacity to expose it. I have done some reading of the koran, and the hadiths. I have seen video of muslim beheadings, and the historical record is horrendous. For me personally, I don’t see the islamic community rising up to re-define what we was given on 9/11.

“OH RIGHT…well…hhhmmm… they are forbidden to insult or speak a negative word against another muslim. If they do, you can cut their head off in the name of “honor” to Islam, it’s prophet, and allah.

“What many Americans don’t realize is that sharia courts are already set up in a total hush – hush. In some islamic communities, the laws of America, the principles of real Freedom and Justice are being thwarted, and the political system of sharia is being thrust upon some muslims, and they dare not say anything lest they be killed in the name of honor. Do you understand, that this very email, if i wrote this and sent it to you, and I was living in Iran, I could be executed for it.

“We have to stand with all that is within us for the truth of American Freedom and Justice. There is no Freedom and Justice in Islam, it is a lie. When they talk about democracy, and the arab spring….it’s not the democracy that you and I understand. And to think… and to understand… that we have a muslim in the White House… uuummm… like I said before. I heard Kamal Saleem say “the only ones struggling with whether or not he is a muslim, is non-muslims.”

“OK, this has gotten much longer then I thought it would. I love America. I love real Freedom and Justice. I love the Constitution, and how and why America was founded, and I am doing all I can to expose my family and friends to what is going on in reality.

Blessings…keep up the good work