The Gateway Pundit posted this video about socialist queen Maxine Waters, Democrat – CA. who has told the Tea Party it can “got to hell.”

You know, the same Maxine who told us she wanted the government to nationalize the oil industry?  “This liberal will be about…..basically taking over and the government running all of your companies.”

You mean the ethics scandal-plagued Democrat?  Yeah, that Maxine.

The reader comments that ensued were right on target.  Wrote one,  “That Waters is even an elected official speaks volumes about how far America is in the toilet.”.

But this one puts it in a box and ties it with a bow:

#19 August 21, 2011 at 11:35 am

aprilnovember811 commented:

Civility, Maxine. She loves Castro and hates moms, dads, grandpa, and grandma. Not to mention we’re her employer. I think you need to be fired Maxine. That’s no way to talk about those who are paying your salary, now is it? I read today that Social Security is broke? Is that because it was a ponzi scheme Maxine? Admit it, you’re Bernie Madoff, all of you. You need to be in a prison cell right next to him. See, the government isn’t a cover for crime. You have to abide by the law too. Maxine, we’re coming for you and the others. We’re going to politically crush you. If we can we’re going to imprison you also for your crimes.

By the way Maxine, can you find Barack Hussein Obama’s true birth certificate and college transcripts? We haven’t seen his actual grades yet. Did he even go to college Maxine? I’m sorry, we just can’t take the word of a pathological liar, Im sure you understand, right?

Everyone, save this video for the next time these creatures start spewing their “Civility” crap. They’re the ones who actually set up the shooting of the conservative judge in AZ who was going to rule against Obama the next day. They’re the ones who shot Gabrielle Giffords. They’re the ones who caused the BP disaster. They’re the ones who set up the Navy Seals.

I’m not stupid, and can use my God given ability to reason. When you call William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and the Muslim Brotherhood friends, this is the logical conclusion. We will have to investigate to get proof though. Every hard drive in every government department in and out of DC, that includes the Pentagon, needs to be examined. We need to find out what’s been going on, and where the evil doers are infiltrated. Every government employee needs a thorough background check. I don’t care if it takes years, we need to know what’s been going on. It will be money well spent, if we’re going to clean out, and finally punish those who have been doing this for years.