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Eric Odom predicts this issue will be epic.  Brace yourself for a helluva dogfight between the Republicans and the Democrats — neither of which party wants to get into.  Another spending battle? Especially this close to the primary season?  He writes at Liberty News:

The Republicans who caved and gave Obama his wish on the debt ceiling hike are about to get yet another test they’ll be judged by come 2012. Before we get into the guts of what Obama is about to propose, let’s go back and look at 2009 and the “stimulus” junk they jammed down our throats at the time.

If you’ll recall, Obama and his ilk in Washington called for $800 billion in “stimulus” spending… claiming the economy would collapse without it. Both Republicans and Democrats went along with the lie, many going as far as championing Obama’s corrupt false claims.

Remember, Obama claimed his epic stimulus spending spree would keep unemployment below 8%. We’re currently above 9% unemployment, with many states well above 10%. What happened? Where did all the money go? Where are all the jobs?

In short, Obama’s union friends and special interests/banking buddies got it all. And taxpayers are left holding the invoice.

The RNC has a new ad out exposing what we’re about to see.

Read the whole thing.