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This morning on his radio program, Glenn Beck said he always is optimistic, but never more so than when things are looking darkest. And lately in the last year or so, said he’s watched his own pattern and realizes that he becomes very optimistic and hopeful in advance of real trouble. Today he’s feeling very optimistic. Uh-oh…

I’m feeling such an overwhelming power that things are going to be OK. Two stories posted at The Blaze are terrifying — one I watched during the last break and I have to tell you I was overwhelmed with evil.  Gird your loins. This is war against the capitalist bloodsucking America from the New Black Panther party – Shabazz wearing a uniform and speaking to a large crowd in Harlem.  It is evil.  And he is judge and jury on the US of America.  And we are guilty.

The other story is about five videos from the pro-Palestinian rally that happened here right outside of my offices in Times Square… happened yesterday.  These people were absolutely clueless, holding signs “Queers for Palestine”.  Are you out of your mind? It is really dangerous what is going on, and people are being used by profound evil.

“I’m optimistic because I know when I say things and I know when there are things I shouldn’t know… last hour when I said to you ‘it’s here’.  I’m telling you now, the things that we talked about, this is the beginning. there is going to be profound hatred, profound trouble.  It’s here, and it will spread.

The great news is, and I mean this, this is not me saying this – light conquers darkness, as the darkness grows, so does the light.  goodness is coming in unbelievable amounts.  good things are about to happen but you must keep your wits about you and you must be aware.  Stand where you’re supposed to stand even if it means you stand alone.  And all will be well.