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Longtime friend Bud Meyers of Satellite Beach, FL has just published the third in a trilogy of novels about the Jihadist enemy.

Bud wrote to me this morning with the following good news:

Yesterday, Friday 16 September 2011, my latest novel, THE LAZARUS CONNECTION, was released in e-book format.  It is currently available at amazon.com and smashwords.com for the price of $5.99 per download.  It will be available at the Barnes and Noble and other bookstore websites the first of the coming week or so.  A paper, hardcopy of the book is anticipated to be available in major chain and other bookstores at the price of $12.95 in the late November-early December timeframe.  Expanded information can now be found on my face book page at Frederick F. Meyers, Jr.  I’ll also be updating my webpage, www.ffmeyersjr.com in the next few days.

Any feedback on the trailer would be MOST appreciated.

I ask that you pass on the above information to your e-mail and Facebook friends in the hope that we can generate a wider interest in the book and, of course, greater sales as well.  Who knows, maybe someone would like an e-book or paper copy or two as a Christmas gift.

I will update you with signings and appearances information, etc. as we go down the road.  Any questions, comments just send me a note.  I answer all inquiries.

Thanks for your assistance and support.

p.s. If you have an interest in either of the first two novels, THE JERICHO GAMBIT or CRY JUDAS, send me a note and I’ll see what we can do to get a copy for you or perhaps – if enough interest – also make them available in e-book format.

THE LAZARUS CONNECTION is being published by Brighton Publishers and hopefully will be available for kindle and other e-book readers in the December-January time-frame.  A hard copy version will be released two to three months after we have it on the e-book market – or at least that is the current plan. A few more details appear on my Facebook page, Frederick F. Meyers, Jr. and on my website— www. ffmeyersjr.com if you have a further interest (early drafts of Chapters 1 & 2 are on the website as a tease).

This is the third of the “trilogy” I started some time ago.  But who knows – depending on response perhaps I’ll do one more.  Thus far, the feedback by the publisher and the editors of this effort has been quite positive as to the story, etc, etc.so I hope this one is as well received as THE JERICHO GAMBIT and  CRY JUDAS.

I will put out another “mass” e-mail once this novel is available for purchase either by e-mail or hardcopy at your favorite bookstore.

I appreciate your support and hope you will pick up a copy of THE LAZARUS CONNECTION once it is available for sale.