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In a piece written by Floyd Brown about the trio of scandals emanating from the stench of the Obama regime — Solyndra, Fast & Furious, and Lightsquared — he explains why the Republicans in Congress are holding their collective pee-pee’s in their hands.

Any of these scandals would have taken down Republican administrations. But Obama shoulders on without being touched by investigations. This is the direct result of a strategy poorly concocted by the leadership of the Republicans in Congress because they fear Obama. It results in bad policy that is prolonging the weak economy as the Republicans compromise on policy and fail to provide adequate Congressional oversight of the Federal Government.

The strategy, which is only voiced behind closed doors, goes something like this: “Our polling shows that the American people want us working with the President. If we are too aggressive in our investigations of the administration, then people might get the idea we aren’t team players.”

Their strategy is akin to the four corners strategy in basketball. Before the days of shot clocks, teams were known to just keep passing the ball from corner to corner in the hopes that they wouldn’t make a mistake and time would run out.

The Republicans see that Obama is wounded, and they fear that if they do anything, then they might make a mistake and give his administration a shot at re-election. Why? The Republicans lack confidence in their ideas and are afraid to engage.

But the strategy has the potential to backfire. Voters who are frustrated by what they see in Washington could declare a pox on both their houses. Today Americans feel our leaders are fiddling like Emperor Nero while the country literally burns.

Photos of the Republican leader John Boehner enjoying a game of golf with the president while the average citizens fears losing his job and his house leaves middle class voters with resentful attitudes.

Another year of Boehner hugging Biden on TV and then empowering the President to raise the debt ceiling at his whim and the Tea Party could turn into a full scale revolt against not just the Democrats, but all the so called leaders in Washington.