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Obama Release Your Records reports…

Update on my(Orly Taitz) trip to DC yesterday
by Orly Taitz, Esq.

I came back from DC in the middle of the night. I will write a full report a bit later. I flew red eye there, red eye back I have to be back at work today. To add to the hardship, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my foot and had to walk between 6 large buildings all day long in a lot of pain, ending up going bare foot between the meetings and carrying my shoes in my hands together with my purse and my brief case and dying of heat in my black lawyers suit.

I forwarded my information on Social security fraud to 12 high ranking senators and congressmen and had personal in depth meetings with legal counsel, chiefs of staff and senior advisers for 4 high ranking senators and 3 representatives: Senator Tom Coburn-ranking member of the subcommittee on privacy on senate judicial committee, Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Lamar Smith-chair f the House Judiciary committee, Congressman Allen West, Congressman Steven King.

I also forwarded my information to Senator Schumer, Senator Lieberman, Senator Feinstein, Senator Lautenberg, Senator Blumenthal. Unlike prior 7 , who are conservative Republicans, these 5 senators are Democrats, (Lieberman is a former Democrat, currently Independent) but might join the fight for other reasons.

Some of the chiefs of staff and legal counsel will work together in arranging for me to testify at one of the committee or subcommittee hearings. I should hear from them within a week.

It is very important for you as constituency to write to Chair of Judiciary committee Lamar Smith and his legal counsel Holt Lackey and to the ranking member of the House subcommittee on privacy within Senate Judiciary committee Senator Tom Coburn and his chief of staff Michael Schwartz, thanking them for the meeting, for reading the pleadings and investigating the issue and urge them to invite me to the committee hearings to testify on the issue.

Keep in mind, they have subpoena power, they can subpoena Judge Lamberth, Judge Puglisi, director of Health Loretta Fuddy, Registrar Onaka, Commissioner of Social Security Astrue and demand answers, whether high ranking officials can commit crimes and use privacy as an excuse, knowing that their appointees and inferior officials will be afraid to do independent investigation.

Can 311 million US citizens lose their Constitutional right for redress of grievances and be forced to live under illegitimate regime of an individual occupying the White House based on a fraudulently obtained Social Security number and a computer generated forgery instead of a birth certificate, due to the fact, that officials and judges refuse to take on the issues and use privacy as an excuse?

After I landed I was on the air with Doug McIntire KABC and was able to provide millions of people with above information. I also mentioned on the air my interview to Univision in Spanish and the fact, that Hispanic population is extremely angry, that they have to go through e-verify, but Obama can sit in the position of the President with a failed e-verify.

Republicans desperately need Republican vote and will lose this vote, if they or their high ranking officials, Like Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Martinez, Governor Sandoval do not raise this issue. http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=25819

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