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It’s Barbie’s World!  We just play in it!

“Fox News promotes the Conservative point of view”.

For quite some time, I’ve been pointing out to my listeners, readers, and the warm bodies in the room that Fox News is duping America. Marketing itself as “Fair and Balanced,”  it has fooled its audience into thinking that “We report, You decide”.

FNC is as much about news as Obama is about American exceptionalism.  The two are mutually exclusive. Fox is selectively delivering you the “news”. Telling you this, but not telling you that.  And “that” is undeniably the most important information you need to survive what’s coming, because the days of being able to do something to change the direction of our country are rapidly coming to an end, thanks to the news you haven’t been told from the folks you thought you could depend on.

Sex sells.  When you want to promote an agenda, like they know in Chicago, give ’em that ol’ razzle dazzle. In his brilliance, Roger Ailes has brought to life the babe-alicious, push-up bra’d, leggy Barbie dolls that have been part of our culture since Mattel introduced the buxom, pouty-lipped sexpot 50 years ago. The corpulent Jaba-the-Hut political genius knows it’s how you bring ’em into the tent. Stilleto heels, glossy lips, blonde manes, short skirts, fake lashes, cleavage and leg chairs. Once in the tent, you can then massage another part of the suckers’ anatomy — their brains. A piece currently featured at Patriot Action Network describes major moves at FNC.

When did Fox News cease to be a trusted news source for me? It started a few years ago, when a cocky Shep “Shemp” Smith, in a blatant disregard for telling just the facts, ma’am, reporting from a Katrina – wracked New Orleans, injected his opinions about rescue efforts, totally inappropriate for a news journalist.  I studied journalism.  Broadcast journalism.  I have a double BA degree in it along with Mass Communications. If I had pulled a stunt like that, I’d have been canned.  And rightfully so.  My opinions were just that. Mine. They had no business being in my news reports. EVER.

So that was my first eye-opener about “America’s information source”. It started with “Shemp”, and then worked its way across the newsroom.

At first I had doubts.  Maybe I had moved so far to the right that I had left Fox behind on the political spectrum? The more I read from authentic, conservative, on-line trusted news sources, and the more I interviewed experts on my radio program about the Jihad, the Communists in the Obama regime, foreign policy, the economy, Obama’s mysterious and blacked-out background, etc., I was puzzled.  Why wasn’t Fox telling us what we knew was happening? Why weren’t Fox’ reporters asking the questions? Why aren’t they now?  Fast and Furious?  Solyndra?  And on and on. Doing the digging. Investigating. Doing the job many bloggers were doing in their absence. Following up and grabbing the red hot baton Beck was handing them on his TV and radio programs?

And why was I seeing race baiters like Sharpton, and avowed socialists like members of the Progressive Caucus on the Fox news set?  Why was Fox giving these people credibility by giving them a voice and elevating them to a place at the table instead of leaving them sliming around in the propagandist MSNBC’s swill bucket that masquerades as a news operation.

When Glenn Beck moved over from CNN to Fox, I breathed a little easier.  Maybe my assessment of FNC was in error. Maybe Fox was taking a turn toward the truth. Beck made no pretense about being a reporter — he was giving straight-on facts and told his audience when he was giving his opinion. His viewers never had to wonder. Beck educated them about the power behind the socialist left that is taking over our country: George Soros, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, et al. He told us about American history that we were never taught, that we did not know.  He showed his viewers what made and makes America exceptional, and warned of the socialist stratagems employed by the likes of President Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ.

He brought in experts in Judeo-Christian tenets, economics, Cloward & Piven, Nazi Germany, the Jihad, and those who would explain the scams Obama’s regime and their Socialist Left acolytes were running on America. Beck was leveling with us, despite the barbs and threats hurled at him from those he exposed.  He was over the target, for sure, and catching considerable flak as a result.  But Fox seemed to be backing him, standing with him despite the Left’s Van Jones’ advertiser boycotts.  Beck’s ratings continued to beat the competition hands down, popping his program up into the 3rd top rated position.  But that was a mixed blessing, as we soon learned. Beck was overtaking FNC’s “brand”, something FNC’s founder and VP Roger Ailes would not abide.

The reason  — the ONLY reason my channel was tuned to FNC was Glenn Beck. Trust me, it certainly wasn’t to watch Greta the Articulator mumble through yet another excruciating introduction to “Sentah John McCain”, or Ted the Bloviator Baxter pompously interrupt his guests to tell us he’s right and the world is wrong; or Neil “the cannoli” Cavuto shrink from putting to his guests the tough questions that needed to be asked, and answered.  Beck’s show was the only FOX appointment TV for me. And because some of you didn’t have time at 5 pm ET to watch what Glenn was revealing on his chalkboards, I posted several of his shows here so you could be kept up to speed.

Glenn’s show was the highly rated lead-in to Special Report with Bret Baier.  Bret and his producers enjoyed the high numbers, but never followed up on any of Beck’s vitally important information.  Why didn’t Special Report follow-up with investigative reports?  It seemed a logical fit. Why didn’t they?  Why did they treat Beck as though he didn’t exist? Why were FNC reporters — with few exceptions — nothing more than attractive readers for the latest White House press release reporting from the White House south lawn?  Or giving news headlines mock-up studios?  Where was the real news???  The news in the context that we desperately needed to know if we were to make informed choices about how to prepare ourselves and fight for our country’s future?

Was it deliberate?  Could the Fox news team be that unaware?  Or was it by design?  And if so, why?  What was Fox’ real agenda? What do they stand to gain? Who are they protecting? Are they in with the enemy?

Then there’s the Tea Party.  I watched as FNC ignored the movement after its initial coverage in 2009.  Having been on three national tours and a statewide week-long swing through Wisconsin with the Tea Party Express, I, along with the TPX team watched the buses’ flat panel TVs vainly waiting for coverage on Fox. Flipping over to the other cable news outlets, we saw that CNN gave more coverage to our rallies and the presidential and senatorial candidates who spoke at them than Fox did.

Fox News' Griff Jenkins and Christina Corbin

During TPX III’s kick off in Searchlight NV with Sarah Palin as our featured speaker, CNN embedded an on-air reporter with the tour. Fox’ Greta did too, sending Griff Jenkins, a reporter to embed for a few legs of the tour. Later, Fox Nation, the online news site embedded reporter Christina Corbin, who later slammed us in a subsequent report. Nice.

As the tea party phenomenon grew as a political movement in size and influence, Fox News couldn’t be found anywhere. It was especially noticeable after the impact the tea party movement had on the 2010 elections. Why? Wouldn’t you think there’d be more news operations fighting for a seat on the bus?  This was history being made.  This little Tea Party Express tour is history, the most effective arm of the tea party movement.  Though there are several national tea party organizations, there are none as visible as the Tea Party Express traveling across America in buses wrapped in colorful patriotic messages of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and Constitutional principles.  Where was Fox? Where are the TV cameras?

“Where’s Fox?” was the common refrain of TPX members, many of them puzzled at the lack of coverage.  Fox was nowhere to be found. Why? I knew.  Because Fox really does live up to the name the Left disparagingly gave them long ago.  “Faux News.”  See, the decision makers at FNC feed you just enough truth so that the average viewer believes their message. It’s really not much different from the tactics being used on the “Wall Street Occupiers” and their leader Van Jones.  It’s clever marketing. Artifice. Showbiz. Agenda.

And the Tea Party is definitely NOT the Establishment GOP, of which Roger Ailes is closely aligned.

Do you see where this is going?  Glenn Beck + Tea Party Movement = threat to the status quo.

When rumors surfaced that Beck would be leaving FNC, it came as no surprise.  He seemed very frustrated at Fox’ refusal to follow-up on the explosive information he and his researchers were uncovering about Obama, the people around him, and the corruption in Congress.

Internally, the back-biting and sniping over Beck’s phenomenal ratings success was growing, the object of envy and derision from the rest of the FNC crew who were probably also picking up on Ailes’ anti-Beck/tea party movement vibes.  Beck was revealing vitally important — and dangerous — information every day, taunting Obama to refute his claims, and chancing that the red telephone to the White House might even get him killed. I imagine Jaba the Hut was sweating profusely at this point.

Beck’s Restoring Courage event at the Lincoln Memorial last August, 2010 shockingly was barely mentioned on Fox News. I was at that event in DC and saw the strength and breadth of the crowd there, numbered in the hundreds of thousands, if not nearly a million “bitter clingers”.  This was a historic event.  Fox ignored it. Completely.

People I personally knew who had appeared on FNC programs told me of vicious competition between show producers and the Barbie and Ken dolls that populate FNC’s newsrooms and studios. It is out of this toxic and highly competitive environment that “news” is selected, packaged, spun to bolster Ailes/Murdock’s agenda. It is where the information you are being fed is managed. Where the information you will NOT be told is selectively ignored.

Ailes knew he was in trouble when Beck became larger than life, larger than Fox. The White House regime was squeezing Ailes, tightening the tourniquet on him and the leftist Murdoch too.  Beck was getting too close.

Already the highest rated cable news channel notwithstanding, Ailes read the “tea” leaves and abandoned Beck and his audience and moved the news operation leftward, offering milque-toast pap that passes for “news”.

Later, investigations into News Corp.’s practice of phone and email hacking in London — and now by Obama’s Eric Holder and the US Dept. of Justice has garrotted the News Corp/Fox News duo, as evidence by their “news” coverage or lack thereof.

Barbie dolls Jenna Lee, Julie Banderas, and Molly Line

There’s also an article circulating on the Internet by a former FNC employee named Dan Cooper, who says he was on the ground floor in launching and creating Fox News and the actual FNC architectural infrastructure: the studios, the “look”, the offices, the newsroom, and the “secret bunker”, a brain trust room where all the “research” is done.  He says this research is not to be confused with the “news” you’re being fed.  Nope. We’re talking the type of opposition research that has News Corporation head Rupert Murdoch — FNC’s owner — in deep trouble in London.  Hacking into phone voice mails and emails for insider information used to compete and to control was standard operating procedure, and has already caused the collapse of one major newspaper. Investigations are ongoing and now underway here in the US by the Obama regime that is seizing the opportunity to further twist Murdoch’s and Ailes’ delicate parts to promote the Left agenda under the cover of the “fair and balanced” slogan.

But I’ll let Dan Cooper tell you in his own words: the prologue to Cooper’s book “The Naked Launch”.