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Occupy USA has more to do with Marxism than people’s anger over banks and corporations as Fox Business News’ Charlie Gasparino found out when he did a walking tour of Zuccotti Park over the weekend.

It’s not an overstatement to describe Zuccotti Park as New York’s Marxist epicenter. Flags with the iconic face of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara are everywhere; the only American flag I saw was hanging upside down. The “occupiers” openly refer to each other as “comrade,” and just about every piece of literature on offer (free or for sale) advocated socialism in the Marxist tradition as a cure-all for the inequalities of the American economic system.

Don’t try to explain to any of these protesters how those who sought to create a Marxist utopian dream of revolution also gave us the Stalinist purges, Mao’s bloody Cultural Revolution and many other efforts to collectivize thought in the name of economic “justice.”

Want to guess where Occupy Wall Street will be when the snow blows? When the snowplows start rolling in NYC, where do you think these folks are going to be?  They can’t maintain operations in the winter.  They have to be visible, out and about.  And visitors to the zoo won’t be coming out in the cold to gawk at the rabble.  Fox’s Megyn Kelly won’t be there because she’s too busy looking for a missing baby in Kansas City.  She won’t find it… Lord knows, she can’t even find Obama’s birth certificate.

Connect the dots. Seems like Orlando’s mayor Buddy Dyer is Obama’s buddy too. Orlando, an international tourist destination, is the logical spot for vermin to spend the winter.

It’ll be Zuccotti South. They’ll lay out their sleeping bags, get a foothold in Central Florida  — Orlando — and stay here through the 2012 election campaign.  Remember, Florida is a key player with 29 electoral votes that Obama desperately needs. And his pals Buddy and fat cat attorney John Morgan will be there to help.  “For the people”, of course.

With a big media presence, Orlando’s the logical place to go. An international city, with a soft mayor and city council.  Local TV network affiliates and the Orlando Slantinel rag will be more happy to scoop up the increased ratings and circulation that headlines of violence and civic disruption are sure to bring.

Yep, like snowbirds, the Occupiers will follow the sun.  Only these snowbirds are pigeons, i.e. rats with wings.  Join me in connecting the dots from the headlines…

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