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On tonight’s radio program, Capitol Hill insider Elizabeth Letchworth of GradeGov.com spoke about how concerned House members on Capitol Hill are about President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s determination to take the Obama’s Jobs bill and piece it out for passage. A vote could be taken in the Senate as early as tomorrow on the $447 bn stimulus, of which Obama has carved out $35bn to teachers and first responders.  How does he plan to pay for it?  By taxing another 1/2 percent on small business owners making a million dollars or more.

Folks, this is NOT a good thing.  With weak GOP leadership in the Republican-held House and the Senate, we have GOT to tell our respective Senators and representatives that if they vote for this, we will vote to NOT return them to represent us in Congress.

Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express is concerned about it too.  He’s put out a call to action tonight to everyone of us to do whatever we can to keep this ad on the air, to spread the word to our circles of influence, and to get on the phone or use GradeGov.com to tell Washington “Hell NO!  Don’t you vote for more stimulus!” because that’s what it is — another financial burden on hard-working Americans to benefit Obama’s pals and buy votes to keep him in the White House for another four years.

Sal writes:
We need your help to defeat Obama’s so-called Jobs (Spending) bill.  Even after it was voted down by the Senate, after he failed to garner support from his own Party, he is re-introducing it in pieces and voting could start as early as this week.

We need your help to defeat it!  We have been airing our ad titled “The Right Way” nationwide and need your help to keep it on the air and the pressure on the politicians to vote “NO” to more government spending.

The spot is a 60-second commercial as part of a campaign to create awareness about the lack of leadership in Washington when it comes to job creation and to oppose president Obama’s “Jobs Plan”.

We need to raise $25,000 by the end of the day Friday to keep the ad on the air next week.

Please help us increase our ad buy and spread this important message, Click here to contribute!

We must keep the pressure on the Senate and House to resist the temptation to spend more on the myth that government can create jobs.  We have been through this before – it doesn’t work and we can’t afford it.