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The Washington Post today is reporting that Herman Cain has topped the field again, this time in the Western Republican Leadership Conference’s straw poll.

Let’s call this the “media takedown”.

Watch the liberal/left/socialist media (LLSM) add even more coal to the blast furnaces to destroy the man who’s winning hearts and minds across America.  Herman Cain is NOT supposed to be doing this.  He must be destroyed. Herman Cain is taking away the support and oxygen that is supposed to be going to the GOP/media propaganda complex’ heir appararent, the chosen one, the Mitt-man. Karl Rove and Company are apoplectic. Obama, Axelrod and the Obama regime are freaking out. Herman Cain MUST be destroyed.

They can’t have this.  All day yesterday the media hammered Cain for his innocuous comments about abortion, twisting his pro-life statements into clever pretzels.  But evidently they weren’t clever enough. Cain took top billing in yet another straw poll.

So… today the media propaganda machine (known for manipulating its viewers with selective news dissemination) is spinning like a fat man in a gym to take down Cain’s candidacy. This was not the game plan. The LLSM will find another heat seeking missile to aim at Herman Cain, who could very well be America’s first REAL Black president.  TAKE HIM OUT!!!

In their relentless pursuit to destroy Cain, they will seek to destroy until they do — or die trying. Herman Cain has left the plantation, and they can’t have that.

Thirdwavedave says if he were Herman Cain, he’d  ignore the media for a couple of days.  Turn down every request to appear on the cable and network newsers, ignore the print piranhas, and go about his business meeting and talking to Americans across the fruited plain. Eff ’em.

Why give them increased ratings when all they’ll do is set you up to take you down? They need you more than you need them.  Give ’em the cold shoulder for a few days.

LAS VEGAS — The good news continued for Herman Cain Friday, as the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO won the Western Republican Leadership Conference straw poll of GOP presidential contenders, edging out former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — and leaving Texas Gov. Rick Perry in a distant fifth place.

Mr. Cain, whose longshot campaign got a major boost by winning a major Florida straw poll last month, received nearly 31 percent of the vote and Mr. Romney pulled in nearly 29 percent of the vote. Mr. Gingrich, who has also risen in recent national polls after his campaign’s shaky start, secured more than 20 percent of the vote. Texas Rep. Ron Paul finished with about 10 percent, Mr. Perry received almost 4 percent, and Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota received just 1 percent.

The results follow Mr. Cain’s surprise victory in the so-called Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando last month, which was seen as a big blow to Mr. Perry’s front-runner status at the time.