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Ann’s written an update to her original post about the Penn State scandal, and if you haven’t read it yet…. whew Lord!  You need to take a moment to do so.  Unfortunately Ann’s website does not support permalinks, so you’ll need to get over there soon, or read it here.

This is her follow-on piece.



. . . because I’m absolutely convinced that this culture, right now, today, is WORSE than Sodom or Gomorrah ever were. Sodom would be a step up.It is now all over the internet that Sandusky was running a high-dollar pedophile ring, and that “Second Mile” was merely a front and means of recruiting and enslaving young boys who were then pimped to wealthy Penn State donors for sex.

Penn State should be shut down. Not just the football program – the entire university. Shut it down immediately. Any student of Penn State with any sense should be making arrangements to transfer to another university, because graduating from Penn State would necessitate that said person list Penn State on their resume, which will now be a major, major strike against that person. Why? Because they knowingly entered and subsidized a cult that worshiped an old man who “coached” a football team. And, as it turns out, that old man facilitated and enabled a massive pedophile ring. Further, said students, even after learning of this and seeing that “old man” fired, RIOTED last night IN SUPPORT OF THE CULT LEADER / PEDOPHILE RING ENABLER.


1998: Sandusky is investigated for an incident involving himself sexually assaulting a young boy in the Penn State showers. Child Protective Services investigate. The university is fully notified.

1999: Sandusky, age 55, is suddenly forced into retirement at his prime, when all previous indications were that he was the heir-apparent to Paterno, who was 72 years old at the time. The retirement package is now thought to have been in exchange for Penn State covering up Sandusky’s pedophilia. Sandusky’s pedophilia is being called a “poorly kept secret” in the world of Division I football, which explains why one of the top coaches in the nation was not even offered any other position after Penn State.

2000: Despite being retired from Penn State and no longer being in the employment of Penn State or Paterno, Sandusky has unfettered access to the Penn State facilities and travels with the team. In the fall of 2000 a janitor catches Sandusky orally raping a young boy in the football team’s showers after hours. Sandusky OBVIOUSLY had keys and passcards which gave him full access despite being no longer “employed” by PSU or Paterno.

2002: Sandusky is caught AGAIN in the showers, this time anally raping a young boy, and is caught by Mike McQueary, who is now an assistant coach. Sandusky STILL has keys and passcards to PSU facilities.

2009: Grand jury investigation begins after a 15 year old boy reported Sandusky to police. Penn State top brass, including Paterno, are called to testify. Sandusky is still seen using PSU football facilities.

Week of 10/30-11/5, 2011: Sandusky is seen working out in a PSU football weight room.

They all knew. Not only that, but Sandusky felt “safe” using the PSU football facilities and showers as his rape room, and was indeed caught repeatedly with zero consequences. Think about that. Sandusky was CAUGHT red handed in the showers sexually assaulting boys in 1998 and 2000, and there was even an investigation as a result of the 1998 incident, and yet Sandusky still felt so “safe” at PSU that he continued to bring boys there to be raped. He continued to hang around the team and be seen in the near-constant company of young boys. Sandusky’s confidence is extremely telling.

Penn State should be shut down, and anyone who knew about this should be facing down multi-decade prison sentences. Paterno should die in prison.

Pedophiles should be executed. Justice, in charity, demands it. Find every single participant in the “Second Mile” pedophile ring and let justice be done swiftly upon him.


The Centre County District Attorney who sparred with Penn State over Sandusky, but never prosecuted, was murdered in 2005. Ray Gricar’s empty car was found in a parking lot on April 16, 2005, and his laptop, missing its hard drive, was found nearby in the Susquehanna River. Gricar’s body has never been found, and he was declared dead earlier this year.

Pedophile and sex slavery rings are some of the most dangerous, powerful and wealthy criminal organizations in the world.

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