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9p ET

Red Army: The Radical Network That Must Be Defeated to Save America

That’s the topic of tonight’s first hour when author Brenda J. Elliott joins us with a look between the covers of the new book she co-wrote with Aaron Klein.

For decades, a radical socialist movement has been quietly infiltrating the major institutions of American power: our schools, our military, our economy, our media, and Congress itself. This progressive Red Army is an organized network consisting of numerous specialized groups that target specific policy areas while cooperating more broadly in a concerted decades-long campaign to transform America.

In this original investigative work, the bestselling authors of The Manchurian President expose one of the most important untold stories of the decade: how a nexus of radical socialist groups have seized political power, shaped Obama’s presidential agenda, and threaten the very future of our country.

Investigative reporters Klein and Elliott not only expose the key players, organizations, and relationships in this radical network but chart their spheres of influence, their nefarious objectives, their role in shaping Barack Obama’s agenda, and their long-term plans for the nation.

Tonight Brenda will reveal who make up the powerful “Marxist-socialist” bloc in Congress, the misinformation campaign behind Obama’s economic policies, the crafting of the massive “stimulus” legislation, as well as his plans for future economic “reform.”

Join us!