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Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Andrea Shea King - Choose Liberty 2012, East Orlando Tea Party conference, Nov. 2011

You’re kidding, right?

(report begins at :49)

The Holder Justice Dept., — the same one that ran guns across the border to the Mexican drug cartel?  The same one that dropped charges against the New Black Panthers? The same one that J. Christian Adams,former United States Department of Justice official, accused of racial bias in its handling of a voter intimidation case? The one that Holder is plotting with ACORN-connected group to stop “Voter ID” laws?

THIS Department of “Justice” is accusing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of racial profiling?


As Zip wrote: You knew this was coming…

From the Weazel Zippers’ comment gallery:

I’m surprised Holder just didn’t go and put sugar in their gas tanks.

Hey, I’m going to go ahead and speak for all LEGAL Latinos and tell the DOJ, “Don’t fret. Arpaio’s done good. Thumbs up! How about you try enforcing the laws as well?”

“…While no formal findings of pattern or practice violations have been made, DOJ said the investigation remains ongoing…” WITCH HUNT

Arpaio deserves an award, not a target on his back. This DOJ and Holder should be the ones under investigation. Is it 01/20/13 yet?

They’ve been after him a year or more and haven’t been able to prove anything.

THIS is 100% related to Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case investigation of Barry’s identity theft and forged BC.
No one is going to believe this is anything but an attempt to silence him.
If they actually had anything, they would indict him.

Barry is bringing a butter knife to an axe fight.

How low will you go Obama for votes…? Un-elect the Nimrod / gangster in Chief…!

BTW – he endorsed Perry, who would still be the front-runner if conservatives had a heart for the illegals (j/k!). Ironic, isn’t it?

Wow I am just shocked I tell you shocked that this fine admin would go after a person upholding the law / snarc off

What an mess this WH is

Stand strong Joe

The Sheriff doesn’t have any friends in high places, but the rest of us keep re-electing him over and over. He is the most honest law enforcement officer in the USA; with all his enemies, we would know if he stuck a paper clip in his pocket or stepped on a sidewalk crack.

Jailtime here in Maricopa County, Arizona is not fun; we have tents for the prisoners so that no one need be released early and it’s darned hot here in the summer. They do allow the prisoners to have fans…bwaahaha.. when the temp is over 100 degrees.

Sheriff Joe knows what illegal means.

The “discrimination” is against federal criminals.

Anyone crossing the borders ILLEGALLY is, as simply as it can possibly be, committing a CRIME.

It is fully appropriate for the law enforcement to ENFORCE the laws.

For what reasons do the federal levels not want laws enforced? Because they want to sell guns to the drug cartels in Mexico? Because they have vested interests in perpetuating the illicit drug trade? Because they want to human smuggling (includes human slaves) to continue crossing the border? Because they _______ ?

The last sheriff left that has some balls, where do I send money?

WOW…is the same FED that is doing the gun running business on the side along with money laundering for the drug cartel…..Arpaio is doing his job…indeed there are more mexicans in his arrests, that is because there are more Mexicans in the illegal thing…dumb dumbs….If I were holder, I would back off on Arpaio…..can’t wait until his report is published on the corruption in our government. mmmmm mmmmmm goooood

The Department of Jokers strikes again.

I think the DOJ should investigate something else: Did you realize that a majority of rape cases are against men? Isn’t that profiling?

Or is it that people who commit the crime are the ones charged with it. Arizona has a serious illegal alien problem. Arizona is also on the Mexico border. Who does the DOJ think is going to be there, Canadians?

I would bet that this is an attempt to shut him up because of his cold case posse investigation of Barry’s fake BC.

He is on to these frauds in the White House. They are stepping up the game.

Sheriff Arpaio needs to be our next head of the DEPT of JUSTICE and have obama and holder put on trial for treason

This Sheriff has sure put up with a lot of flack.

Time to charge Jackboot Janet with treason

Secretary Janet Napolitano said Thursday the department is ending an agreement with the Maricopa County sheriff’s office that allowed trained deputies to enforce immigration laws. It’s also restricting the office’s use of the Secure Communities program, which uses fingerprints collected in local jails to identify illegal immigrants.

Using proper judgement is not discriminatory practice. Using ignorant blank practice is a waste of resources, therefore, Sheriff Arpaio should be praised for his good judgement under limited & finite resource. How is that for an answer, DOJ?

Big deal. barry violates the constitutional and civil rights of we bitter clingers every day.

Eric Holder needs to be jailed, along with most of his staff! Seriously, when we change this regime, we need to see that charges are pressed against this bunch of anti-Caucasian thugs. Anything, including breaking the law in ways that eventually kill people, is game for these lowlife scum in the justice department.

Bunch of jack-booted thugs that need to be in chains. Yes Holder, in chains.

Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand…….

DOJ = Children at play with grownup weapons.