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“Meanwhile, Romney was on O’Reilly last night.  He refuses to call Obama a socialist.  He says he’s in over his head.  He won’t call him a socialist.  And that’s nothing.  Imagine asking Romney to call him a Marxist.  So it’s coalescing here, what we face and where we are.” — Rush Limbaugh

Why has there been no mention of Romney’s great wealth?  For example, what kind of car does he ride in? What kind of boat is docked at his lakeside home? Why have we not seen his four homes? Oh, excuse me… his two homes. It seems the Romney’s have downsized to “simplify” their lives.

Come to think of it, how is it that the media hasn’t asked any of these questions?  Have they run out of ink?  Or is it not Fair and Balanced?  As far as we know, if we rely on the establishment media to tell us, Romney might have grown up in Leavittown, right beside Bill O’Reilly.  Just another regular guy, lookin’ for a huntin’ license

After all, Romney’s just like you and me.  It’s the Democrats and their media lackeys who despise the One Percent (the wealthy).  Hmm, you think Valerie Jarrett and The Rev. Jeremiah Wright live in two-holers?  Sorry, I digressed…

Have you seen Mitt Romney’s homes?  Like this little shanty on the shores of Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire.

Lake Winnipesaukee, NH lakefront home

Or this little $12 million three-holer overlooking the Pacific in LaJolla CA.

Romney sold this lean-to in Deer Valley, Utah last year for a cool 5$ million.

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And this mansion in the tony Boston suburb of Belmont, valued at $200 million.

Belmont, MA mansion

The media doesn’t “pick on” Romney the way it does to other candidates. Why is that? The hatchets are out especially for the ones beating him in the polls. Why is that???  It’s interesting that we heard everything about Newt’s bill at Tiffany’s. Yet we don’t know a lot of things about Mitt Romney. Could it be that if American voters knew, it might be the “Bain” of his existence, quashing his second run for the White House? Or is the media protecting the GOP Establishment’s heir apparent?  Or both?