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From Dan Friedman

[It’s not that Jews lack for people who understand what’s happening to Israel. Some of the best and brightest have expounded upon it. But their voices are shunted aside and pushed to the margins by Israel’s leftist media monopoly in defense of their carefully protected “narrative.” The writer is Professor Emeritus of Islamic History at Hebrew University, and this was written – and unheeded – in 2008. df]

January 2008, NATIV Online

No Peace, No Peace Plans, No Price for Peace

(A Short Guide for Those Obsessed with Peace)

By Moshe Sharon

The Arabs have been practicing negotiation tactics for more than 2,000 years. They are the masters of words, and a mine of endless patience.

On December 25, 1977, at the very beginning of the negotiations between Israel and Egypt in Ismailia, I had the opportunity to have a short discussion with Muhammad Anwar Sadat the president of Egypt. “Tell your Prime Minister,” he said, “that this is a bazaar; the merchandize is expensive.” I told my Prime Minister but he failed to abide by the rules of the bazaar. The failure was not unique to him alone. It is the failure of all the Israeli governments and the media.

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