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As I watch the final moments of the Iowa Caucus results… (and congratulations to Rick Santorum.  Prediction: The Tea Party movement will endorse and support him)…

… I’m thinking about something else, something Glenn Beck said on his GBTV show today (he’s back from his holiday break, thank goodness).

Beck was talking about Ron Paul’s affiliation with people who are very close to George Soros, something the media has not EVER brought up.

“He co-chaired a committee with Barney Frank. I’m looking for the information. Here it is. Co chaired with Barney Frank in 2010 and he was he had to put a committee together of 14 different people. He and Barney Frank put a committee together. I believe it was eleven of them were directly George Soros people. Now, I look at Ron Paul and I say, “Well, wait a minute. How did Ron Paul miss the George Soros connection?” How did a guy who is, as this article that I read this morning said, you know, many people that support Ron Paul can find a conspiracy in a glass of water. How can you miss eleven out of fourteen people being directly connected to George Soros and having his defense plan, the George Soros defense plan being the thing that he says, yeah, we’re going to we’re going to have these guys look into the military of tomorrow. That doesn’t sound healthy.“