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UPDATE:  We’ve just learned that Maj. Stefan Cook passed away at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, FL at approximately 2:30 p.m. today of pancreatic cancer. The Postemail has more on this American patriot’s life.

Got a phone call from our friend Kristinn at Free Republic with some distressing news.  Maj. Stefan Cook was on my radio program in July 2009 to explain why he believed it necessary to legally push the issue of Obamas Constitutional legitimacy to serve as the military’s commander in chief with the authority to send men and women into war.

Prayers are needed for this American warrior.

Prayers For FReeper Hero – Roaddog 727 Terminal – He Fought Obama In Court
01/11/2012 1:44:56 PM PST · by MindBender26 · 36 replies

Stefan Cook, Roaddog 727 on FR, is terminally ill in the Tampa VA. His story is long and distinguished, but here is the synopsis Stefan is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve. He was called to active duty in 2009. He was worried about the legality of an order from a POTUS who might not be legally elected because of citizenship questions. He had legal concerns that he could be accused of war crimes if an order to take military action was held to be invalid because it emanated from an improper authority Stefan sued, and rather than proving…

Our very own RoadDog is a death’s door – PRAYERS PLEASE
01/10/2012 7:15:27 AM PST · by surfer · 144 replies

Freeper | 1/10/2011 | Surfer
LTC Stefan Cook (AKA Major Stefan Cook) is in the hospital and not doing well. The prognosis is dire. Please pray for him and his family.