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Now he wants smaller government?

Moves to grab more power…
‘With Or Without Congress’…
Blames Nixon…
On Pace to Borrow $6.2T…
FLASHBACK: Obama called Bush Debt Rise ‘Unpatriotic’…

Did you see Obama’s BIG speech today?  The one where he announced he’s going to “streamline” the government by restructuring and consolidating?  Three-plus years later, just in time for the election.

ThirdWaveDave watched it on the West coast while I raked the yard on the East coast.  He said, “Just look at the positive results we’ll see come August and September — a smaller leaner government.  Hell, he sounds like a conservative. You can bet his friends in the media will make sure you know it.

“And Congress will give him whatever he wants.  It’s not even a discussion.  It has to happen, it’s gonna happen.  Don’t think it won’t. Congress will give him the $1.2 trillion. Deal with it.

“They were even adding up and telling you what the national debt will be when Congress gives him the money to do this — $16.5 trillion by this summer, which will send shock waves around the world, showing them we have no inkling of what we’re doing or maybe we’re just going to do what we’ve always done… spend.

That’ll make the national debt well in excess of our national GDP, which is shrinking every year (currently at $15 trillion), resulting us owing more than we make.”

Some call it being “underwater”. I call it drowning.

But this Hollywood production that was on stage today is all that counts… gotta get Obama re-elected.

And we will.  Because Romney’s going to be our candidate.  Just like the $1.2 trillion will be added to our national debt, you can count on it.  And we get to sit here and watch, because there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Unless you’re into brandishing pitchforks and torches.

Pass the popcorn.