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Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation asks…

Where do we go from here?

The South Carolina primary is eight days away.  It is in many ways the line in the sand that cannot be crossed for conservatives.   If Mitt Romney wins the South Carolina primary, he may well be unstoppable and win the Republican nomination.  If that happens, we will have a replay of 2008, where we had a liberal Republican and a liberal Democrat going head to head.

So where do we conservatives go from here?

The possibility of Mitt Romney winning the Republican nomination is shocking.  40% of Americans self identify as conservatives.  Another 35% self identify as moderates.  In America, moderate for the most part is still center right.  Mitt Romney is almost as far to the left as Barack Obama.

My friends in the Republican establishment come as unglued as a Ron Paul supporter when I say that but I say this to them.  Show me one conservative thing that Mitt Romney did as Governor of Massachusetts.  There is usually silence at that point.

I’m still working as hard as I can for Newt Gingrich.  I am still encouraging people on blogs and on media appearances I make to support him as I believe he is not only the best candidate in the Republican field but he is the only candidate who can lead a conservative revolution.

Any rational person plans for the future.  When you plan for the future, you have to plan for both the good and the bad.  You plan to be healthy.  You get health insurance to protect you in case your plans do not work out.

Our plans are for there to be a conservative Republican nominee.  What happens if we end up with liberal Mitt Romney?

At least 40% of Tea Party members surveyed say they will not vote for Mitt Romney in the general election if he is the Republican nominee.  So where do we go?  What do we do?

The Republican establishment screams that if we stay home or go to a third party, we will see Obama reelected.

Probably true.

But are we better off with Mitt Romney?

We have seen how poorly the Republican establishment has performed when we gave them control of the House of Representatives.   Since the Tea Party swept the GOP into power, we have seen the debt go up by $1 trillion dollars and is about to go up by another $1.2 trillion.  Spending under a Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives is 3% more than it was under radical, socialist Nancy Pelosi.

Please tell me what the Republican Party is doing to advance the cause of conservatism, because right now, I don’t see it.

In the next eight days, we conservatives must unite to break the back of the liberal Mitt Romney campaign.  He must not only lose in South Carolina, but he must lose by a significant amount.  One of the conservatives needs to win South Carolina and do so with a good margin so that the money will start flowing into his campaign.

Our absolute priority must be to ensure that we do not have a liberal Republican nominee.  Unfortunately, as of right now, that is at least a possibility.

I cannot see supporting or even voting for a liberal.  I am a conservative.  I do not support liberals or liberalism.

At this point, I don’t know what I am going to do.  I have always said my strategy for having to deal with choosing between Romney and Obama this fall is to beat Romney in the primaries.

That is our mission now.  We cannot fail.